Private Annual Party

Yep, you're not imagining things, we said Party, Private Party. 

Private Beer Socials

Beer events to be social with other crazy beer people, what could be better? Our thoughts exactly.

Custom Work Shirt

A custom Kinetic Brewing Co. work shirt to show you're one of us. Wear it proud!

Quarterly Beer Releases

Four beers from our special release series that are both limited availability and in-demand will be yours for just joining.

Early Access

Early access to additional bottles of the hard-to-get stuff in perhaps one of the biggest, best perks in this whole Inner Circle. You move to the front of the line when you have the Inner Circle patch.

Pre-Release Access

Some beers that go on-tap go quick, kegs come and go faster than usual. That's reasonable when you've only got so much of a super rare limited production batch. So, for the first two days of these special beers, we limit pours to our Inner Circle when the beer is first released.


  • 10% Off Kegs
  • $1 Off House Beers
  • $2 Off House Beers on Tues
  • $2 Off 64 oz/ $1 Off 32 oz Growler Fills
  • Beer Paired Dinner Discounts

Inner Circle Registration

Check back in March 2018, when Inner Circle Enrollment resumes.